Revolution: It is more than that.

Yesterday I was in a sentimental mood and I was looking at old posts and pictures. It dawned on me that about four years ago I was on the health track but missing one thing. I was losing weight but it was slow. There was one gigantic problem and it was how I was eating. My goal was to eat like I wanted and work my butt off so I could. And in theory it works. But…the changes were slow and I still struggled with how I felt about my body. I didn’t feel healthy. I felt healthy in my workouts, but then I would slog through my day and still highly caffeinated by my beloved Pepsi.

That is what is different this time. My food intake feels like a direct correlation to how I feel in general. If I take care of myself via my diet then it seems as if my body responds by taking care of me. I am averaging 1.5-2lb weight loss in a week. That is a great number and is giving me a steady weight loss.

My largest issue continues to be eating enough. I eat the right things. But if I am too busy Pushup1or don’t feel well (this week) then I struggle to eat. I usually have about 500-800 calories a day. That is horribly low and though the weight-loss keeps happening it isn’t making me feel well. I often will struggle with sluggishness. More than anything right now I am just tired. I need school out so I can refresh mentally.

Thankfully shakeology helps with that sometimes because it allows me to get good and healthy nutrients with high dense calories but then I don’t have to eat when I am too tired to make it or I lack and appetite.

But that all is not the point of this post. The point of this post is to declare my revolution is about how it makes me feel. Yesterday something happened that has never ever happened. I did 10 full guy push ups like it was nothing. I have yet to do that since this started in January.

And yea it was just 10, but my point being the way I felt doing them was amazing. I saw the muscles in my arms lift me up and put me back down. I was solid. My arms were solid and it was no different than walking. I didn’t want to fall on the floor at then end and I didn’t want to quit. I didn’t even think a thing of it. I did it as naturally as one breaths. That ladies and gentleman is the strength I have needed and what this whole thing is about.

I am finding the strength I have not just mentally but physically. That is my revolution.


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