STATurday Saturday Again.

It has finally gotten to the point where people are noticing in my everyday life. Those that don’t see me as much have been noticing awhile, but those that see me everyday I imagine the change was gradual. But now I am getting multiple comments daily from people. I still stink at accepting them or even acknowledging them. But I will get there because it has been hard work and sheer will.

I never realized how many indulgences I took until I realized how many are offered. Most of the weight loss is now centered around eating choices. Of course I exercise 6 days out of 7 but even on our rest day I make sure to ramp things up. Those are all conscious decisions I make daily to get me to there. For the first time since I have ever even dreamed of losing weight my goal seems reachable. So reachable in fact that I predict if I stay on course I will be there by September (maybe earlier).

Every single time I thought about this possibility in the past the amount of weight I wanted to lose seemed insurmountable, so I often quit before I tried. I decided to chunk my goal into three spots. Now that doesn’t mean I will be done with losing or working. For me, this will always be a process I am going to have to work on. I will still have another 10-15 to get me where I ultimately want to be. But the last chunk puts me at a healthy weight and BMI.

I figure then I can work on toning and maintaining and what my maintenance diet would look like.  I can see a few issues that are going to be harder for me to deal with. I am trying to be patient with myself before I make any decisions. But I won’t lie, the extra skin is going to be a vanity issue for me. I didn’t think it would, but the more I see it happening, the more I think I am going to struggle with it. It is disappearing more than I expected so yeah! But not as quickly and tight as I have hoped. My hope with with weights and toning that I can see where it lands.

29 inches

But are you ready for this…I have lost 29 inches since January. That is with the addition of 4 inches added in my arms and lower legs for the weight lifting. I struggled at first with that addition until I realized it ramped up my metabolism and my weight loss was even better. I have finally understood the purpose of weight lifting. I have shared before but I am finding I enjoy it for a slower paced work out that pushes me. How strong it makes me feel mentally is the best reward though. I am finally a girl who lifts weights.

My BMI has dropped 8 points. I don’t cheat. But again I hate that word. I choose to live and eat like this. Sometimes I cannot always accommodate it so I make sacrifices. Last night is a perfect example, our students had a talent show and I needed to eat. I eat to survive which is totally different than living to eat like before. That basically means I eat clean and healthy and low calorie. That means it processes quickly. I can’t skip meals because my body can’t do that. So with a colleague we ordered a thin crust veggie pizza and I didn’t eat a ridiculous amount. I even added some ranch (1 tablespoon) to it. As well, there was no water to be found so I had to have pop. Needless to say I didn’t miss it. It was not the best.

The reason that isn’t a cheat is because I had eaten low cal and healthy the rest of the day I still had a calorie count that was under 1000. That isn’t necessarily a goal, but proof that though it felt like a cheat, it wasn’t because I made good choices leading up to it. That is one of the biggest lessons of this revolution.

And can we talk a minute about calorie counting? I am not crazy with the calorie count. I usually do it for accountability and so I know. But this is the way I eat now that I don’t need to count my calories. Most days I do it so I am sure I get enough. That is a struggle for me sometimes especially in my proteins. As well, pasta can easily throw it all out of whack. I have personally decided to not have pasta. If I do it is very seldom and always in my yellow container from 21 day and it is as good as I can make it with whole wheat omega 3’s. I can tell in the way it makes me feel that my body doesn’t like it.

Now that doesn’t mean I swear off carbs. I have them in different forms than pasta. Usually breads, pitas, salads and they are usually good for me. I try and maintain a 1200 calorie diet daily, but I won’t lie it is usually in the 900-1000 range. That works for me right now, but the more I lose the more I need to amp that up a bit. I read a great article on why you shouldn’t drop below 1200 and I agree with it whole heartedly but I can’t find it now.

And finally I am sharing my proudest part of my body. I have built massive back/neck/upper arm muscles. Sometimes I will touch my neck or back and I am shocked. You may not be able to see it, but I feel it physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is my revolution! I am becoming who I am meant to be and who I always was.



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