Take care of me. 

Oh man! So Sunday was a crazy busy day and I knew it would be so I got up early and ran. But can I just say that one day off from my new eating way and I paid for it. It wasn’t even that I ate unhealthy. I ate more than I should or normally would. I ate cheese and I never do that. I only had 1400 calories for the day but they were carb heavy and not near enough veggies and fruits. I paid so dearly Sunday and Monday. To the point that I willingly took it super easy yesterday and let my body cleanse itself by drinking so much water I could float away and enough fruit for my entire family all day. 

One day of not clean eating and I felt horrible. What I have noticed the last almost 6 months is my IBS has all but disappeared and I have only had two migraines that I needed my nasty migraine meds for. Usually if I get a headache it is weather related or I am dehydrated. Both are headaches that are livable and usually ease with exercise, water or 1 Tylenol. 

Needless to say. I won’t be not eating clean for awhile. I have clearly found something that has worked for me and I intend on maintaining it. I also am reminded that despite two workouts on Sunday it can all easily mean nothing with a few simple bad choices. I am not alarmed by the calorie consumption. It was the choices in calories. 

I made carnitas and the seasoning was not my usually healthy version for ease. I used a jarred salsa loaded with sodium and sugars. I ate flour tortillas (never usually eat those). I ate movie popcorn leftover from Saturday. And because I guess I gave into stressful emotional eating I ate chocolate. Talk about a confession. But I know it was those choices that made me feel bad. 

Anyway, proof this lesson is a journey and I have to make mistakes to learn from them. I am not mad at myself for them. I am just glad I can identify where it went wrong and be proud of myself that I have learned so much about my diet needs. 


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