Kindness is my truth.

a619a3eed5de4a4aa005352ad839205cSometimes the unkindness of the world gets to me. Today was one of those days. Not everyone shares your story. Not everyone even understands your story. I have always known this, but in the last two years I have learned more than anything that you have no idea of the daily battles of others and the a general rule of thumb is to offer kindness always.

I get chided often for this and I don’t do it out of innocence or because I am naive. I do it because you just never know. I heard once awhile ago…to be loved, you have to be loving. Just think about it because your words always have weight.  You get to determine if they are negative or positive. Think about the things you say and the way you treat others because it comes back around. It always does.


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