Come and Gone…

Almost two weeks ago a special day passed. A special day I have had the privilege of celebrating 16 times in my life. The last two years have been the sweetest yet. I appreciate what he has offered me in this life and the next.

The last two years have taken us on quite the ride. A ride I have seen and witness be the demise of the some of the strongest marriages. Chronic illness is often hard to live with because you can’t always see it. When someone doesn’t look sick your subconscious tells you they are not sick. That is how TN works. It is an invisible illness.

Though its symptoms invade our daily life even when he is in seasonal remission. I see how his daily struggles take a toll on him. But one thing remains steadfast and true and that is our relationship. I believe it has only gotten stronger.

I have been with this man for 18 of my 38 years. That is a long time. I have literally seen him at his worst and his best and vice versa. There is a strong bond in that. A bond that for me will never easily be broken.

That doesn’t mean it is always perfect. It just means with all of its imperfections it is what I need and want for my life. A life we continue to jump off cliffs together hand in hand and know that just looking to the side offers the comfort of the other.

I am thankful for the husband and father he has been to myself and our girls. I am thankful for the man he is.  I am thankful he tries his very hardest to continue to be the man he was when we were 20 and 23 and our world looked a whole lot different.

The gentleman who changed my tire and guy and slept beside me on the floor as I was in labor with each of our beautiful daughters. The man who is in ICU and can literally do nothing and wants me to leave him a phone so he can hear from me when I am not in the room. That is the man I married. That is the man I love. I choose him again over and over.



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