Saturday but Not Saturday: Sunday Sharing.

Been awhile since I have done Saturday sharing because Saturdays are STATurdays and that means I am hyper focused on that and not sharing. But I have had one building for awhile. Of course, it has to do with health and nutrition because right now is there anything else?

Magic Formula Sharing….

When I was thinking about losing weight or at the beginning of this journey or even the last few years I wanted some magical formula. I surfed the net for the magical answer to my weight loss woes. I pinned every single thing I could find. I falsely believed someone else’s story could be my own.

That is the problem with weight loss. You have to claim it as your own. You have to find what works for you and truly nothing will ever work unless you figure out your formula and the even more sucky part of that formula is that as you go it changes. You have to find tools and support to make click to figure out your answer.

But the formula is pretty much the same for everyone. It is calories in versus calories out. That is incredibly simple though and the process is more complicated than that. Calories are inherently different. An avocado has 310 calories much of it is the good kind of fat that fuels your body and brain. A doughnut similarly can have 310 calories, but that calorie composition is much different and processed differently by the body and the brain. For a better explaination of this process read this article “Debunking the calorie myth“. However the article does remind us:

If we take in more energy (calories) than we expend, we gain weight. If we expend more energy than we take in, we lose weight. This is an unbreakable law of physics and isn’t even debatable.

Food Sharing…

I have figured it out. It IS about what you eat less than how much you eat. And while we are talking about eating there is literally no better source for eating, inspiration, recipes and ideas of methods of eating (Clean/Paleo/Raw/Organic) than on my beloved Pinterest. Seriously, I have been in such overabundance of salad that I pretty much hate it right now that I have been desperately making sure to get my greens in that if it weren’t for pinterest and my salad alternatives I would be starving.

spinachI should also say I have not really had a salad in three weeks and have had no problem finding alternatives and have lost and maintained just fine. So many people think diets are all about salads. It really isn’t. It is about veggies and the right veggies. My favorite things right now are cooked spinach recipes.

And honestly you take almost any recipe you love and “clean” it up. Many think you can’t, but you can. For example, I went to Friday’s the other day and had chicken hibachi skewers. By all accounts my plate seemed healthy. It was steamed broccoli, jasmine rice and chicken with a miso glaze with grilled pita triangles. Sounds decent right?

The calorie count was 1230. That is ridiculous and honestly it makes me mad that restaurants get away with this crap. But I understand why they do it. Its fats were good. Its sugars were good. Its sodium….3500mg and its carbs 185g. Both of are those are basically in their addictive forms if you ask me and guaranteed a return customer.

But let me tell you I did what I always do. I go to a restaurant and love and dream about summer11the food after I leave. I look up its nutritional information and realize why I can’t get it out of my head. But my smarter head prevails and I remake the recipe and clean it up. Which I did last night. I didn’t get a picture other than my veggies in their raw form before they were grilled.

But I made chicken skewers covered in a reduced low sodium soy with sesame oil and sriracha sauce. I basted a ton of veggies and my chicken in it. I made a side of jasmine rice where I could control sodium and I grilled full of all the good stuff like whole wheat, flax seeds and chia ground pita triangles. I guarantee my recipe was handled in my body better and with much less junk in it.

But I say none of this to shame anyone for eating dinner out. I will go to Friday’s again and I may very well eat the skewers again. But the mistakes I made before would be to not recognize the sodium and carb intake cannot happen daily. I spent the next two days following the dinner with ridiculous cravings for carbs and salt. That ladies and gentleman is figuring out my formula. I can’t do that regularly because it sabotages my hard work and effort.

MMF_logo_RUN_stacked_2cRunning Sharing…

I have been using the Clear Sky 5k App. I like it but found I have outpaced it pretty quickly. I am glad I did, but I typically have to skip a day or so. I have noticed it has it kinda of set up a three times a week run and right now I am running about 5 out of 7 days. I am guessing that is the reason for the outpace. However, I have also noticed I run super hard one day and then kinda wimpy the next two. So this app sometimes help with that.

The second I have used is Red Rock Apps running for weight loss. Weight loss in running is helped by switching things up. This app does that switching for you. I like to have someone tell me what to do on running to build up my stamina and endurance. This gives you intervals of sprinting and steady runs. The biggest issue I see with it is it often struggles to find my GPS, so I have to run it simultaneously with map my run app.

Working Out Sharing…

Kpuff has kinda of created us a workout plan that involves many different trainers and TK_ChalaneJab164x200training programs. I have really loved some of them and hated others. We always try and rate them and see how we do. We have also increased our weight lifting to help build muscle.

My favorite program and trainer by far is Chalene Johnson. She will never replace my beloved Shaun T from T25. But her positivism and motivation to do better and be a better human being just jives so much with my outlook on life. Her HIIT workouts are my favorite and a part of her TurboFire Series. I also like Chalene Extreme. Now her Piyo series…Me not likey so much. I am a cardio addict so piyo I sweat but the moves seemed unnatural to me and not as much cardio as I like.

Then there is the 21 Day Fix videos….I am not a huge fan. I won’t lie. They are a good workout, but I absolutely hate how sore I am for almost a week after the workout. With Shaun and Chalene I am sore, but it manageable. Most of the time if it is too bad I just need a soak in the tub. Rarely do I wince and moan and groan from the pain for a week. No secret, I love the program and will love, love, love her new cookbook in July. But the videos…meh. :/

Alrighty, I think I have shared enough for today. Have a great week you all!


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