Ha! I lied.

Warning: If you don’t want to read about my revolution move on by. Better yet just don’t read. I am not stopping now. 

The last few posts about my weight complains of less weight loss. The last week I have slowly trickled down 1.5lbs. That is apparently a trickle to me. I guess the more likely answer is that I am impatient.

When I got up this morning and I was finally down enough that apparently made me happy I went to input in my weight drop app. An app I use to track my weight loss and it charts all these beautiful things for me like BMI and such. I found a cool feature called ‘history’. I can see how much I lose by week or month or so on. You get the point.

So for me supposedly slowing down May was my biggest loss to date. I lost 8lbs in one month. The highest weight loss I have had ever since I have been tracking in January. That just serves to show me even more that so much of this mental.

But if I doubted myself I know don’t anymore. I took updated pictures. I have pictures from the beginning of February that I have not shared, but I am going to.




Those above are February to June





These above are May to June

It is clear to see that I am toning up from the running and weight lifting. I know I am going to be dealing with skin issues. Everything I have read from the amount of weight I have lost or will have lost skin will not bounce back. I hope and pray it does. And with that I thank all my readers for being so loyal with me on this journey. Initially, I was never going to share any photos of this process. But now I see such a value in it. It gives hope often where they may not be any and hope there is always love.


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