They weren’t lying.

Before 21 Day Fix I wasn’t changing my diet much but was doing T25, was losing weight but not very quick. I knew I needed to look at the food I consumed because I felt like I was eating healthy and pretty clean. Started 21 Day Fix and realized a lot of what I thought was healthy really was, but it was starchy (carbs). Things like corn, potatoes and sweet potatoes. They are all good. Note I am not saying they are bad. But they must be eaten in moderation. The way your body metabolizes them is very different than it does other more fibrous vegetables. Once I made this change I literally felt like I was melting. It came off fast and steady.
9c5e0909b645040971aaac5c28fa1c10Then I was done with 21 day fix and decided to stick with a really clean (usually somewhat Paleo diet) minus the huge amounts of starches I was consuming before. My weight kept coming off, but I was really struggling to eat enough and my calorie intake was low. I knew it was low but I kept losing so I thought okay I am good.

Well then I added running into my workouts and what I got was a slow and steady stall. What I thought was a plateau. I was feeling like I was eating literally all the time though. I was eating so many veggies and fruit it was nuts. And there in was my problem. I went back and looked over the previous month and realized my protein intake was way way down. Then I remembered an article I read (I think I talked about it here before) about a person needing 1200 calories at least to lose weight. I can’t locate it but this one gets the jist.

My average calorie intake was 950. I figured out almost immediately what my problem was. I needed to increase my eating. So I tried. I doubled my lean protein in take and have been for about the last week or two. I have done this via protein shakes and just plain old lean turkey or chicken. The scale move a bunch this week. I have lost three pounds in about a week. Isn’t that the strangest thing? Eat more and lose more. My calorie intake is still hovering around 1100 but I am working on it.

I cannot do dairy which has some good proteins, so I am trying to add in even more to my breakfast meal via turkey bacon or eggs. But I really love my protein shake and fruit in the AM. But the movement on the scale (haven’t measure yet) is positive. I am so very pleased with it. I am three points away from a normal BMI for my height and weight. I am so close to my ideal weight I can taste it and I plan to celebrate big.

When I think about impatient I have been with the process in the moment, but how quickly it has gone when I look back I realize this was something I needed the whole time. I just needed to remind myself I am worth it. And so you all know I still have days where I wake up and think no. It will not happen. In fact, yesterday I had a work thing. I came home not feeling the best so I put on my jammies and said no it isn’t happening today. Then I remembered how it makes me feel better to get it done and I begrudgingly put on my workout clothes and did it. Kpuff and I did a round of T25 and I am STINKING amazed at how fit I felt compared to doing the first time around. I felt strong and proud of my hard work.

Protein peeps. Must eat your protein.


2 thoughts on “They weren’t lying.

  1. That is where I’m at right now! I cut out most of my starchy foods and now I’m struggling to eat enough calories. It’s so difficult! I do feel much better when I eat more and I’m still losing weight while eating more so that is awesome. Still trying to get the hang of it.

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