Summer Hiatus: Day # 22

I tackled this beast today!


What beast are we talking about here, right? Well see this spot? This is a country road that about 1.5 years ago I was side swiped on. Behind me is a hill that makes seeing an oncoming car coming either direction impossible to see. I came over and next thing I know my car is dragging on the side. I was frazzled and scared and not sure what was happening. See the house on the right? Well in that house lives a Good Samaritan. He heard the impact and grabbed his pre-teen son and took a four wheeler to our two cars. He immediately used my destroyed tire as an opportunity to teach his son how to change a tire. The tire of a woman who was visibly shaken and not sure what to do. He had my tired swapped out before my husband could get there and the sheriff could arrive to assess damage. The other person I was in an accident with was not the nicest to me and the guy and son that fixed my tire was so kind.

I was born and breed a city girl. I often took this way because I enjoyed the bumps and breezes in the country. However, since the accident I have avoided them and when I had to drive on them I am a horribly nervous driver who probably makes the road more dangerous. I have never driven this road since. However, our town is horribly flooded right now, so I got a text this AM from my guy warning me that it was not optional. This was the only way I could go to get to town. He knew I was so afraid. I even voiced the concern to him yesterday when the flood waters were rising.

But I did it. I conquered the fear. I even conquered it with oversized semi’s coming at me because of the detoured traffic which let me tell you was no fun picnic. I did have to stop here though and take a shot. I survived and overcame. Yep dear readers this is exactly what my revolution is about. It isn’t just the food in my mouth or the miles I run or my latest workouts. It is about attacking what is holding me back from being the best me I can be. I move forward. LITERALLY!


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