We all gotta eat…

I really thought being home would make eating easier. I find myself struggle sometimes with what my kiddos are eating. My family is a high carb family and they always need desert. I do really well at avoiding what they have and what they are eating foodie4but it isn’t always easy. I do have a few tricks though that seem to work. I eat minty gum or (trick from Kpuff from back in the day) I brush my teeth. It steers my mind away from their food for some reason. And I try really hard to not fix separate dinners but the reality is just sometimes I have too. If I can’t clean up what they are eating and want (say pasta???!) then I don’t partake and eat a sammy or I make something different.

My go-to recipe for everything though is salmon patties. Sometimes they are called salmon cakes. They are the stinkiest things ever but they taste so good and are really mild. I would love to say I have recipe, but I eye ball it all. I buy good canned pink salmon. Make sure it has the omega 3’s and I drain any and all liquid once the can is open. I add in 1 egg about (guessing) 1/4 cup of whole wheat bread crumbs or panko. Then I take a wooden spoon and break up skin and bones in the fish because those are actually where a lot of the nutrients are. I then make patties. If you do 21 day fix you can place it in a red then it will be 1.5 reds with the egg and I count it as a half yellow. I cannot eat a full good meal with the red size though so I do half a red and make smaller patties.

You can season however you like. Usually I just have pepper and a little salt, but I also like Mrs. Dash’s cajun in it. Then I pan fried in a tbsp of coconut oil. You can bake and I have before. I don’t like it at all for me I feel like baking makes the fishy taste more pronounced then with frying. You aren’t deep frying, but you do need to cook low and slow so you don’t have to addFOODIE1 more.

I also eat spinach salads more than any other salad and love it with baked chicken which I have perfected. It is probably my other staple. I make 3-4 chicken packets placed in a big piece of foil. I season them with Mrs. Dash’s cajun seasoning again (I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!). I throw in an ice cube or two and wrap it up tight and cook it at 375 usually 30 minutes or until temp says 180. You can add veggies in the packet if you want, but I don’t like that as well.

I like quinoa and usually will make a batch of red or white and let it last me the whole week. I usually have shakeology for at least one meal a day. I use vegan chocolate shakeology which I love! Sometimes I will add Pb2 to it, but usually I just add a ton of ice and water and go. It is amazing and I feel like I have a treat. And breakfast….I have found the best pancake or waffle recipe and add Pb2 and maple syrup…NOMS!

I am still eating a ton of fruit. I am obsessed with cherries as of late and I find myself mesmerized by just how much I love them. I have never ever considered having them any other way than in a pie! I also kinda like freaking out my family that it looks like blood when you eat them. I usually eat at least 3-6 lbs of strawberries a week if I can find them. I have been on a huge peach and nectarine kick. I love kiwi but ours has been pretty tart. I love both cantaloupe and watermelon. I usually go through two each of those (#3 loves them so I am sharing) in a week.

I got very tired of asparagus so I have been eating spinach, mushrooms, steamed broccoli, on occasion kale and green beans. I don’t venture out foodie2too much here. I don’t really eat the starchy veggies like potatoes and corn/peas. Usually if I do them it will be a sweet potato but even that I think I have had one in two months. To get my greens I rely heavily on broccoli or spinach. The biggest contributor to the greens though is squash. Especially zucchini squash. I got a vegetti cutter which cuts yours veggies into pasta noodles and I eat those a lot. I saute them in coconut oil and garlic powder and it is favorite.

My go-to snack is and will always be white air popped popcorn. I top it usually with salt or Parmesan cheese. I am not starving that is for sure. My calorie intake has been steadily climbing. I will figure it out. I always do. I am feeling much leaner these days. I feel like at the beginning I lost fat and inches. Now I feel like my muscles are becoming more defined and my bones are protruding and coming out like they should have been all along.

I will tell you my biggest asset in my diet is pinterest. If I am hungry for something finding a recipe that I can clean up or is already clean is really easy. There is so much out there that is 21 day fix or clean diets.


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