Back on the train again.

I am smart enough to know when I am falling down. Or at least to know when to stick my hand out for help as I go down. My eating hasn’t gotten worse, but it has been so very unguided and not supporting the amount of calories I am burning. I am peaking at working out but my food is still wanting for attention. My calories are too small and I learned early this winter that my weight is made is in the kitchen. Thankfully, my choices were never hard and I haven’t over indulged.

The emotionally addicted eater in me was starting to make her presence known. I began to reason that I knew I needed more calories so maybe I should have that piece of cake. Or those cracker’s calories are the carbs I need even though the list of ingredients are longer than my daughters birthday list. Burning more calories puts you into a balance of needing more carbs and protein to fuel your body and let’s be honest I am not a fitness expert. In fact, I am far from it and more importantly my fitness and weight right now is fluid. That means is rapidly (though it feels slow to me) changing.

I need guidance. I need someone/something to teach me. I needed it now. I have come too far. I am living and eating as if I were 45 lbs heavier and that just doesn’t work for me anymore. As I lay in bed this am I sat and contemplated what I needed to do to get this final 10-15 lbs off. I contemplated how I can nourish my body so that I don’t have to give up this stuff I love. I love working out with Kpuff. I love going hard and I love watching her and I killing it more and more every single day. I love running and watching and seeing my self-esteem blossom from this time and effort spent on me.

I know there are no quick fixes. I know there is no magical answer. But I do know I have a formula that has worked for me before and that is the 21 day fix. Now enter 21 day fix extreme which takes into account higher activity levels and boom I got my formula! So I am at it again.

21 Day: Round 2: Day 1

Not gonna lie I struggle at the beginning every single time. It is SOOOOOO much food. I feel bloated. I feel gross. I feel like all I did was eat. The amounts of proteins and carbs are higher than I am used to so I am especially bloated. But I know this the right thing for me for right now.

For breakfast I had my usual



Two organic eggs, 1 piece of whole wheat toast, cherries and I also had a 1 tsp of peanut butter with a huge glass of ice water


My mid-morning snack was a shake and good golly miss molly this is where things felt super full. But it came highly recommended as a snack for active athletes for nutrient deficiencies. Especially when we are talking about depletion.


And my usual and favorite staple for lunch….salmon patties….broccoli, quinoa and wild brown rice and apple sauce.

Insert beautiful picture of dinner here which was 2 corn tortilla shelled tacos covered in lettuce, salsa and Mexican cheese.


PM snack: I still and missing greens so I had a go with this. It is pretty high sodium for 21 day, but I was desperate and need to go grocery shopping. So it worked for me for now.


At the end of the day I still am missing a few of my containers, but I know it will be a growing process and I love having the guide again to change things up for the activity level I am. Yea I am back on the train. The first round I really trained myself on how to eat correctly, so I have high hopes I will be there again. I will get this figured out. I am worth every single second of it. My family was super supportive of my decision to do this again. Although, they always are super proud of me, so that helps!


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