Summer Hiatus: Day # 24 —Takes a minor detour

summerhiatusDo you ever just say to yourself that your kiddos are so much cooler than me? Yea well. Me too! Several times today.

I am still stuck in funk from Charleston. I refuse to just say “okay, that is our world now.” When I feel like that she helps me.

#charlestonshooting #lovealwayswins

I have seen so many articles that debate “sane” or “not sane” or “gun control” or “no gun control” or “politics” or “is it too soon?” But yet no one is really talking about what matters the most. When do we say enough is enough? The problem is us. The problem is that we ignore. The problem is that we refuse to acknowledge.

By far the two best things I have read the last two days are, “Letter to my mother after Charleston” (warning language maybe offensive) The second is my beloved Glennon on Momastery’s Facebook page. A post she made feeling a lot of ambivalent things I am. She said it …..words to my feelings.

My final thought…In the End Only Kindness Matters.


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