Going rogue: 21 Day Fix Again.

Okay two things happened when I decided to do the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I put away my scale and I quit counting calories. My caloric need is pushing 1900 according to the 21 Day Fix Extreme formula. I know I have yet to make it there in two days even given yesterday was kind of off. Basically, I am eating without worrying about calories. I know how to eat 21 day fix approved and I am sticking to that.

In our family it worked out better to celebrate Father’s Day yesterday so I kind of took the day off. However, I know for a fact because I have been counting calories for a year that I didn’t even come close to my caloric need. But I will warn you now my menu for the day is crappy and not at all 21 Day Fix approved.

21 Day Fix Extreme: Day # 2


In the extreme I have got to get more protein and carbs in. I am trying like heck to do it. So for breakfast I had half a whole wheat pita slice (1 yellow) smeared with almond butter (2 tsp) with three hard-boiled eggs (1.5 red) and I had an unsweetened applesauce (1/2 purple).

Then this is where yesterday was about celebration. We went as a family to the movie and I split a small plain old popcorn (1 yellow) with my guy and I had a Dr. Pepper. Wowy kazowy was that weird. It was fizzy, it was so sweet and it was a nice special treat. But honestly, I don’t miss it!

Then for dinner we celebrated with my in laws and had burgers. I opted for hamburger (1 red) without a bun, potato salad (1 yellow) plus other additives that are not 21 friendly, cantaloupe (1 purple), dill pickles and broccoli salad.

Then we came home and surprised my guy with a gigantic cup cake that we split among us all. I had a small tiny piece.

Yea, I am gonna celebrate these days. It isn’t a lifestyle change if you make yourself miserable and hate it. I was just sensible with my portion sizes and didn’t go crazy.

But here is the rogue part…I did extensive measurements on Friday and I will be not be doing any measurements or weight checks until the end of the 21 days. It is surprisingly freeing. But more than anything it is about trusting myself that I know what to do and when I don’t knowing I have the plan to show me. I am excited to see how this goes.


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