Same dance, same results.

I am having the exact same problem I had with the last round of 21 fix. I am tracking my meals and taking pictures, but they are repeats and not exactly exciting blogging. So I may not share every single day, every single meal. If you are curious about anything please don’t hesitate to email me. I am at . I am happy to share.

I am still maddeningly struggling with the amounts of food. I cannot eat as much as 21 day Ex says too. I am not sure what the ramifications of that are. I know what is happening to my body though. I am leaning out and muscles are changing and that was happening before the fix. I added running and my muscles are doing exactly what they should be.

I don’t understand why I doubt the process. I know I need more foods, but I am seriously contemplating performance/protein powders to help with the calories because I am on the fourth day of this and my stomach cannot handle all the food. I feel so gross. I know some of this is the detox part of 21 but the 5 proteins and 4 carbs a day are killing me. I don’t struggle with the veggies and fruits, but I haven’t really had many carbs since I started the first time. It is weird to me. I tried sweet potatoes today which 21 places in carb category.  Hopefully that will help.

The hardest part is with feeling like this I feel like I have gained 50lbs. I don’t have the yucky side effects from processed foods and carbs like last time, but I am worried with the way I feel that that lovely ol’ scale is climbing. But again I am trying to trust the process and trust my body. I am keeping up my activity. I am trying to balance runs. My knees were really struggling with the jumping Kpuff and I were doing in work outs and the daily runs. I am trying to do 3-4 longer and faster runs a week and then either walk/jog the days I feel like it. I was icing my knees and dealing with swelling last week. I have been going super easy the last few days and finally feel like I can hit the pavement in a good manner.

Ahh this post is all over the place. Not exciting I know. Maybe I should go exercise instead of sitting here feeling blah. I am off.


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