Suppose this maybe where I lose some friends.


And I hate to say it, but it is what it is. I am so very thankful that my time in college and even more specifically in graduate school and in my own classroom did something truly unique for me. It made me more tolerant and kind. I am way more accepting of people and opinions. Especially those that are differing than mine. In fact, when I hear things I am vehemently against I would venture to guess you would never no.

However, if there were thought bubbles, oh my mind! Very few things get me anxious or angry other than exclusion or people purposefully alienating, hurting others intentionally. Therefore, it is NOT much of a stretch to say all the “isms” irritate me. When the shooting happened in Charleston last week I found myself so full of grief and I wondered why?

I have literally no ties to Charleston or the actual event. But every single time another one of these shootings or events of violence takes place I feel it to my core. And then the aftermath on social media is just too much. The details emerge and people debate gun control and mental illness or fairness or how people deserve it more than others and I just want to throw things at the computer or my phone.

Life cannot be simplified that easily. It isn’t as easy as taking down a flag or making getting a gun harder. In fact, I would go so far as to say those won’t fix anything. What will fix it are real conversations about these things. I have heard so many say the confederate flag should stay up because it is a part of history. And really that excuse makes me crazy. Think about all the crazy crap that is a part of history that we don’t still participate in because it is inhumane.

Like it or not it is a symbol of hate just as the Hitler’s swastika is. I read the best article of this argument the other day and I wish I had copied because it touches on the very rhetoric of this argument and tied to Christian beliefs and values and about stoning a woman for a divorce and how that isn’t a common practice.

Regardless you get my point. I will be the first one to fight to the death and support a person’s right to their opinion which is why I read those posts and I disagree I move on. People have a right to hate. People have the right to believe the way they want to believe. I struggle when it comes to killing others for those beliefs.

Let’s define tolerance: allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference

There are some key words there and they are allow and without interference and just as I call for tolerance of those “isms” I also call for tolerance of those opposed to those isms. Recognize that when wars are fought physically and not rhetorically people die. Lives are forever changed. Tolerance can’t live there. Tolerance is not always a pretty word and even suggests acceptance sometimes. But all you have to really accept is that not everyone is like you and that seems simple.

But it isn’t. But we cannot keep saying racism doesn’t exist anymore or “I don’t see color” because like it or not our world does. Instead of being scared of what diversity says and does in public we need to talk about it more. We need to stop expecting politicians to fix our cultural problems. We need to be firm in our beliefs and tolerant of others. End of story. Period.

And I know it is redundant, but it works. Love always wins, but you have to let it. 


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