TN Reader….I see you.

I see my daily stats here on the blog and I see what brings people to read. But I can always tell when trigeminal neuralgia has been placed into the search engine and somehow it brings a reader here because it brings up post after post about my guy’s TN.

I have been there…searching for answers and hope in the middle of the night. It is a wife or husband desperate to see a spouse 3b07eafbcd6f2f44884562b9af736d91out of pain or worse it the person who has been struck down by this horrible disease. With struck being specifically chosen because that is exactly what it does. It strikes you down.

I won’t lie and say I know and understand your pain. But I do know what it is like to witness and see. I do know how your whole life can be swept up in the matter of moments and can last years, months, weeks, hours or minutes. Each amount of time cruel no matter the duration.

I cannot give you answers or even best case scenarios. I can tell you that you will survive and you are exactly why I am so frank with our story. I try and not tell too much of my guy’s story because it is his to tell, but I can tell you there are bits and pieces of hope daily and I can tell you that you will hold tight to those moments because as I am sure you know they can be fleeting. Fine one minute and depleted the next.

I would never dare and say it will be okay. But you will be okay and don’t give up the fight. 

More importantly just know you aren’t alone. You do not suffer alone and if you need to chat please email me at .


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