Summer Hiatus: Day # 32 Love ALWAYS wins

And yes I am yelling. If you read the moniker Love Always Wins or Love Wins were likely used long before I ever started using them on the blog almost a little less than 2 years ago. I know they are used at Momastery (which I love by the way) and I know they are are part of the No Hate Campaign and hashtags all over social media. That is not and never was why I used them.

And I get it, but over a year ago I sat in my husband’s dark and silent hospital room feeling absolutely helpless and the only thing I could really offer him other than prayers was my love. And it truthfully felt so strong and powerful to move mountains. It still does maybe even more than that. I began truly thinking about all the times in my life that things felt difficult and hard. I realized when I lead with my heart and with my love that usually what followed seemed easier to bear. I also realized that my love cannot be extracted from my faith. They go hand in hand. It is a belief in something better and bigger than me. It felt original to me in that deep and dark moment. I didn’t know till weeks later it wasn’t an original thought.

So I didn’t use the phrase because it is a popular part of culture or because some hashtag on twitter said too. As I said earlier in the week my family is in the midsts of life and love winning is at the very forefront of that life. We need love to win.

Yesterday was especially sentimental to me. When I went to bed last night my world was right and I know enough to recognize that. Love was in tact. My faith stronger than ever. So when I woke up abruptly to storms and sun and rainbows and winds and warmth and cold I recognized this is love winning.


Somedays are worth the fight of who is right and who is wrong and so much being thrown around on social media was and is just not something I intended to get into yesterday, today or tomorrow. My life and my love has taught me one thing and that is put your energy where it matters. And right now it is with my family and love winning.



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