Summer Hiatus: Day # 35


If I could share, I would show an awesome picture of my awesome students I got to see today. It is so nice to see them during the summer because something magical happens to them in the summer. Our program is an early college program and it is hard. They are at times taking a 36 credit load in a full school day schedule and that is hard stuff. I know they will be better for it, they know they will be better for it, but when they are all in the midst of it let’s talk about the stress they carry. Add in that they are teenagers and attempting at normal teenage lives. So seeing them when school isn’t in session and they are being “normal” teenagers is nice. They smile at lot more. I am very lucky I do what I love. But since I can’t share a pic just imagine smiley faces all around and lots of giggles and yearbook editing between. It gives you one of those feelings when you walk away that says, “I am lucky.” I know this though.

Since we can’t see that moment any other way other than words let’s look at my second best moment of the day. My attitude yesterday was bad. My attitude tried to beat me this AM and I didn’t let it. I decided to run. I know some people would see this time and recognize it is slow. And it is. I don’t do this for marathon training. I don’t run because I had some great hope to be in some big race or so that I have something to talk about with other runners. It was only today that I even realized what PR actually means. I don’t get the lingo and I am not sure I am on a path of wanting or needing that.

My path is instead solely on becoming a better me. Running continues to be spiritually and emotionally healing to me. I compete with no one. I am not trying to be better than my friends on Map My Run or Facebook. Not to mention it gives me focus. Like yesterday and today my attitude has been crappy because I have little control in the what if’s and I hate it. I feel like I internally pout about that stuff.

Well focusing on my run for three miles this morning refocused me. It reminds me I can only control what I can control and that is what is right in front of me. The bonus is the calorie burn which aligns quite nicely with my goals right now. And I got to do that run with my new garmin watch. My fitbit has been over used and abused and it was time to move to the next stage of fitness so I did. I wasn’t looking for something super fancy or too basic. It does everything my fit bit but has the ability to look at runs so I can physically see myself getting better.

So yea my day got better. I didn’t let it suck!


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