Summer Hiatus: Day # 36 & 37


This summer has definitely been a blur of My Little Pony and Shopkins. Don’t know what shopkins are? Well I suggest my fine friends you google them. They are adorable and small which basically means they end up in the weirdest places. I think we are 4 for 4 of being left at Kpuff’s. Probably 6 for 6 at Grammy’s and I don’t even want to think about how many are hiding in awkward weird places in my house.

summerhiatus37And softball season is kinda starting to wind down. But that also means I have not officially seen my girl play ball yet this season. I have seen her run 6 times. Last night I saw her run at a game. Which is actually still fun. She is fast which is why she is a pinch runner. She is sneaky and aggressive and gets the job done moving runners ahead of her and herself. But that also irritates others I guess. Last night, a girl on the other team decided to all out push her off a base. She pushed her at her shoulder. Mama Bear was in full Mama Bear Mode. Thankfully, her coach was more aggressive than me. She was so very close to being healed last week and she went to practice and had “too much repetitive action” and her injury took a turn and she is back on restriction. She basically has an inflamed muscle that is so inflamed it rubs against her shoulder bone and becomes more inflamed. She has lost range of motion and has nerve/tendon pain because of it. She basically needs to rest it. And she does, but the second she uses it again she inflames it. Which in turn inflames her other muscles in the similar area. This week though she was released for some cleaning and waxing (the PT used Karate Kid references). We shall see how it progresses.



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