I am not gonna say…

“If I can do it, so can you.” 

Do you know how many times I sat a computer/phone screen and looked at someone else’s body and wellness successes and thought gosh they did it so can I. And I didn’t. The magic formula doesn’t lie in what works for others. It lies within us. It is trying things, it is trusting yourself and it is consistency. But more than anything it is trusting if you put the effort (Food/Exercise/mental) into yourself it will work. I made small even strides at the beginning and barely saw any changes. But I had to trust myself, the process and my attitude.

“It was easy.”

It has never ever been easy. Sometimes when I look back the process seemed easy, but getting there has been anything but easy.d017d65b648cbf3e155a1dc0eb5a1a4a Turning down work carry ins, ice cream or just giving into stress eating is not easy. Explaining yet again that you are trying to be healthy to someone who you can tell is looking at you like “It isn’t working” that isn’t easy. Running past people who laugh at you for even attempting to run. That isn’t easy. Wanting validation from others instead of yourself for your hardwork….that isn’t easy.

“You can’t be lazy.” 

Here is the thing, most of my weight loss has come from drastically changing my diet. I believed because I was eating a clean diet that that equaled healthy diet and I was wrong. It is food combinations, it is a distorted view of food for myself and what constituted healthy. It was moderation. Yes now I work out like a food. But my weight loss continues to always be changed by my diet. Period. I do work out a lot now. I think what happened is I showed up and worked out for myself. It made me feel better. Eventually I found my inner strength started showing as outer strength and I became addicted to the endorphin rush of exercise. It does help with weight loss, but more than anything it allows me to have some of the foods I enjoy.

“You gotta want it.” 

And I get that little phrase of advice and yes it is kinda true, but I wonder what the heck that means? Seriously. I have always wanted it. I wanted it each and every yo-yo diet and each and every day when I woke up and looked at myself. I am not sure I wanted it any more or less this time. I just made realistic goals and surrounded myself with people who would support them. It isn’t about wanting it enough which is what that phrase suggests.

“Here is my secret.” 

I have a lot of things that have contributed to my success. I have a Shaun T and his program T25. Which I love. I have Shakeology. Which I love. I have Advocare Spark. Which I love. I have Chalene Johnson and Jillian Michaels. I have podcasts. I have clean and paleo eating. I have a supportive family. I have a best friend who is beside me the whole time and a whole slew of other friends who encourage and support me. I have pinterest, intsagram and facebook. I have my Iphone and my MapmyRun app and my 5K and 10K app. I have it all. They all have contributed in multiple ways to my success. But I can’t put them all together or take them all apart and give my formula for success or push some product on you because it worked for me.


I can’t and I won’t tell you what will work or not work for you. The most important part of this journey for myself has been to figure out what I like and don’t like and what works and doesn’t work for me. And I guarantee that it will work entirely different for the guy sitting next to me than it did for me or you.

If there is one formula or one take away I can share is that if you seek out finding strength in yourself no matter your weight eventually you will become comfortable in your own skin. Once there you have total and utter freedom. Accept yourself. Accept your body. Accept your beauty.


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