It is not about them..

I am not sure if it just a phase I go through every once in awhile or if this is just how life works. I think back on the stages of my life and realized no matter the phase there felt like there was always someone there to say they were doing it better. Getting married, buying a house, having a baby, going to college and losing weight.

It is so easy to compare ourselves to others. In fact, it is a natural process in my opinion. I remember that much from sociology and psychology. It is what happens when you intake the messages. Messages that may or may not be meant to emotionally beat you up.

But sometimes I feel like since my weightloss journey has been so public others feel like they have the right to tell  

 me what I do wrong. And I hope and pray their criticisms aren’t intentional or meant to be taken personally. Things like “running will tear your body up” or “I would never eat that (fill in with avocado or iceberg lettuce or some equally non threatening food) when I am trying to lose weight.”

I walk away confident in my decisions and then the comments get into my head and I over think it and beat myself up. As if I doing something wrong. I am not. I know I am not. This process is not all that different than the birthing process was for me. I tried so hard to do all the “right” things and make sure the “process” was right only to grow frustrated with my lack of success. I listened to others ideas of right. Eventually what happened is not all that different than what has happened to make this a success.

I got stripped down to nothing (no not naked!!!), to bare my soul. Where the only thing I could rely on was myself. The only thing I had/have is my own body. I have to trust that it knew what to do if I did the work, it would respond accordingly. Same applies to weightloss. For it to be a success sometimes I have to take a break from uber greens or incorporate the iceberg lettuce. Maybe I don’t feel like forcing myself to eat chicken on every single salad to be sure I get enough protein. And yes, I eat the whole avocado sometimes. All 300+ calories of it.

But here is the thing…since January I have never not lost something. Be it inches or pounds, there has been a loss.  So clearly I have mastered some part of my formula. Even if there weren’t losses I feel better than I have in a long time. In this process as long as I continue looking inward my successes come. It is when I start looking outward I get fraught with self doubt and beating myself up.

Moral of the story love yourself. Your journey is your journey and no one else’s.


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