Summer Hiatus: Day #42 and #43

Been flirting a bit with vegetarian dishes. Not a whole life transformation but I love the way my body responds. This dish was amazing and I shared the recipe on Instagram if you are interested. I made it up from scratch. I was experimenting with cheese ratio. I would love no dairy but no cheese in lasagna scares me. But my body rebels against all forms of dairy. This was amazing and by far one of the best vegetarian dishes I have had and cooked. 

Day #2 of a left shin splint. I haven’t had shin splints since I was doing travel ball at 17 and 18 and practicing  insane  amounts.  This makes me feel good even though it is so very painful. I don’t do pain meds because of a sensitive stomach so ice and my feet up has been the name of the game. I am gonna try and walk/jog here in a bit so we will see how it fairs. 


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