Summer Hiatus: Day #47

My guy has been working a lot lately leaving me to rule the roost more than usual alone. But he sent me off to shop for some new clothes yesterday. I decided to use the time to try on every thing even the ugly I wouldn’t consider things. In the end I am super struggling with spending all the money on these clothes. I always struggle with spending money on myself but this endeavor is gonna be super tough. Especially considering my wedding ring is in the shop getting beautified and resized big time and the ticket price is high. 

Plus I hate that I freak thinking things will change again. Hoping eventually things will feel more permanent and I will begin to like what I see so I can calm down and begin enjoying my new and forever body. In the meantime, my sewing machine has been my best friend. I may even try and sew a skirt or dress entirely from scratch. I have done it before for my ladies. Why not now? 

So I took some pictures and played. The time trying on goofy stuff was fun! I didn’t buy a thing. Actually I did. Dog food and a dog toy.   


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