How is that for a hiatus? Day# 51


Remember my post the other day? Gotta trust my own body. Well I did. I finally felt ready yesterday afternoon and then added one day. I ran for the first time in quite a few days and I have to say what happened was amazing. I want to use the word mind-blowing but maybe that is a bit much. But my run felt smooth. For the first time since this started in May I understood what distance runners mean when they say eventually running feels like walking. I am not gonna lie, running is a struggle. But today wasn’t. In fact, I ran with my 10K program app and it said I completed it and I was just feeling like I had just started so I kept going. I ran for a full 3 miles no breathing struggles, no pacing struggles and only a tiny little bit of knee discomfort and I made adjustments and was fine. Shin splints gone. Tired achy sore joints gone. Mental and physical fatigue gone.

So yes I guess listening to your body is a good thing. It may actually know what it is saying. Notice I said body because if I listened to my brain it would probably say stay in bed and watch netflix all day. But I learned a lot on my self forced hiatus from running. I need to give myself some rests in there. Performance was up two-fold because I took a break and let my body recover.

I decided on my run when school starts in (5 weeks I think!) August I will come up with a running schedule. Just days I know I am running. I will probably have to do this before school so I will be an early morning runner. Which is interesting considering I am already an early riser. I will have to be up even earlier. We shall see.

Anyway….Good run! Now onto my day!


2 thoughts on “How is that for a hiatus? Day# 51

  1. Yay!!! You found the mystical runners high!!! Good for you for listening to your body. Don’t get me wrong, I hate running and avoid it at all costs but when I used to run I always felt like this 15 minutes in. It was agony for 15 whole minutes and then I was ok.
    Good luck on the upcoming runs! (That sounds weird but I mean well) 🙂

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