Summer Hiatus: Day 54


I posted some time last week to you all that my summer hiatus was still 5 weeks strong…And boy oh boy was I living in a dream world. Soon after reality hit me when I realized it is honestly more like 2.5 weeks and quite a bit of that time is going to be taken with staff meetings, preparing my classroom and preparing for some life changes in general. So alas the buying of school supplies has commenced. Anyone that tells you that teachers are unaccountable money grubbing fools who get summers off and can’t get their kids to pass state standardized tests are crazy! I spent a little bit every summer to built up what my kids need. And quite a bit of that is just standard things they don’t have money for like pencils and paper. Thankfully going into my fourth year at the high school level and sixth altogether I have had some time to built up to some of the fun stuff for my room that I just like. Like colored dry erase markers and colored pens. I do love me some new school supplies.


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