It is no Gouda. 

  The first year I had our now seniors I taught the book, “Who moved my cheese?” A book I had read at my first adult real job. A book that basically tells you the world feels kinder and you can maneuver it more successfully if you can adjust to change. But the book despite a kinda boring story ended up being a great and relatable metaphor that we all still use. 

“Well, what’s wrong student?”

“Mrs. E, my cheese is being moved and I don’t like it.”  Simple sentences and no explanations needed. 

So dear blog all summer long my cheese has been moving. I didn’t tell you and it wasn’t because I don’t love you. Most of the moving had to take place without it being public. But backtrack to the last night of school when my guy and I went to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. 

I told him that night that we had to make some changes. He was and had been stressed. Like a lot. TN isn’t caused by stress. However, stress is the biggest, baddest and most annoying triggers for his TN. I wondered if we shouldn’t explore other options for his job. We had toyed around with it before and even entertained a few offers but ultimately our hearts kept us here. But that night I said it out loud and it was as if I willed it into universe. We both agreed we would move forward with the understanding, faith and love that what happened in the next few months would lead us to our correct path. 

In that time four job prospects came about. He has spent three weeks away from our family training, traveling for work and then kinda something that was hanging out there that we didn’t know about snuck back in. It was one of those moments that felt perfect and meant to be. And just like that we knew it was time. Time to move our cheese and take yet another scary leap off a cliff. It has been awhile since we have made that kinda change. 

But ulimately I feel like it is for the best for all of us. The weeks of waiting and wondering what the right move was has been so hard. And scary. But I have a faith because I know love wins. This story isn’t entirely over and it may not be for awhile but it took us a really long time to get here and it will take awhile to tell it all. 

But for now dear blog readers my cheese moved and even though it moved and change never feels Gouda I think this was love winning because it always does. 


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