As always…things change.

I think that is probably the biggest and most valuable lesson I have learned in my revolution. Things always changing and if they aren’t changing you are not moving enough. Sounds silly, but it is oh so true. I am in the process of adjusting and listeningIMG_3312 more to my body. I am doing this prepare for a busier schedule once school starts for me next week and because I was falling apart at the seems.

Since I have begun listening to my own body something awesome has happened. I have lost 5lbs and lots of inches. I feel better too. I have more energy. I do believe I wasn’t eating enough, but working out like a mad woman. I have been working out daily except for our rest day and then running about every three days. In those other days if I feel like it I will do interval training or I will just walk. Some days it is three miles or four and others it may just be a mile. Or if I am really crazy I will throw a bike in there or play softball with my softball team that I coach.

The aches that I had been feeling have all but left. I feel so much stronger and less drained. It has agreed with me so much more. More than anything I just listen to my body to decide what I can do. A lot of this happened after a very frank discussion with my doctor. For once my body is the healthiest it has ever been and I cannot jeopardize that by being stupid. If you would have told me in January I would weight and feel as great as I do now I would have NEVER EVER believed you. I imagine the same could be said for December or even January a year after I made the change.

These changes will not happen faster just because I decide to kill myself getting there. So yea patience is a virtue and another act of love for myself. A great example of love winning. Love always wins, you just have to let it. My revolution is no different.


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