Summer Hiatus: Day # 62


So Kpuff is on vacation this week and this could one of two ways. I am not gonna lie I lose some motivation when we don’t work out. I know this though which means I can plan for it and plan I did. I don’t even make it an option. I tell myself it is happening every day no matter what excuse I throw at it. In effort to keep me motivated and excited I researched a bit free workouts and found a few really great ones. My favorite though is Pop Sugar Fitness on YouTube. It is a great workout with multiple time variances and best of all it is free. If you are looking for a great work out try it! I also did several of willmillion’s workouts on his channel. His videos sometimes go viral because he does them to current pop songs. His are fun, hard and quick. They are nice because they work you hard, but they are so quick you don’t have time to think too much. Those are my favorite kind.

Many wonder how I don’t hate working out and and want to do it all the time. That would be why I love HIIT workouts. They are high intensity interval training workouts which means you do them in intervals and they are quick but intense. Quick and intense for me means no time to whine and complain. I just have to focus on breathing and staying with it.



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