Summer Hiatus: Day #63

This site is familiar. It is my dentist’s office. My dentist’s office who I haven’t been able to walk into for the last year without tears and a belly full of anxiety. 

Going to the dentist will never ever be routine for me. Yea I am dramatic, I know! But here is the thing…my husband in the prep room right outside the surgery room being stared at by four masters and top of line neurosurgeons were shocked my husband a suffering TN patient with a mouth full of teeth. TN is not a dental problem but it can easily be disguised as one. Most who get to the MVD have many teeth left. Our dentist kindly kept pushing him in the appropriate direction and saved his mouthful of teeth. 

Insert anxiety naturally before all of this coupled with that and I was a mess last fall when one of my teeth was so brittle it cracked and exposed my addiction to pop and my poor diet needed immediate action. Now fast forward….even though I am always so scared when I go, I walk in and know that I will be comforted and cared for in the kindest most humane manner given my anxiety. 

Last time I went I made a point to thank all them for the caring of myself and my guy. So yes I do love our dentist!  So much so I have had almost two years worth of dental work completed in 6 months and enjoyed going in today to get checked out! 


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