Summer Hiatus: #65, 66, 67 and 68

If you follow my social medias then you know I have been on the move pretty much since Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Today. My guy and I always give my Dad our girls and we go do something as a last of summer thing. Leading up to it this year I had appointments galore. The cars and the bodies are all in back to school mode. 

Sometimes I still look at my body and am jarred by what I see staring back at me. It has been a hard, but a journey so full of many rewards. I can honestly say nothing in the last 15 years has been as much a reflection of self love than my revolution. 

Drastic body change called for a drastic hair change. I love Sophia Bush. I love her hair. She inspired this look for sure! Thank goodness for an honest hair stylist whom I have been with for at least 10 plus years! 

For our bonding sesh my guy hung out at Crown Hill in Indianapolis which is a national cemetery. I didn’t like the idea at first but it was his suggestion so I wanted to support him. I am so glad I did! It was so fun! There were a ton of famous people and tons of fun exploring all the history. My only requirement for the day was lots of walking and we walked 9 miles. The cool part is there were others there just like us! I picked this photo though because unknown solider has always bothered me. So I was sure to stop and say a prayer for the solider and their family. 

I love that she still lets me hold her like a baby every once in awhile. Even though usually it is when she is horribly tired and grumpy. I will still take every time because usually a cuddle helps! 


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