A New Plane

Because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t challenge myself a little! Kpuff and I decided to start Insanity Max 30 today! Some may think I am crazy given school starts with kids on Tuesday. And maybe I am! 

But Shaun T. (with help from Kpuff and my guy) has been pulling me passed the hardest parts of my revolution for the last 8 months so when it gets tough again I want to be committed to the process again so we decided to quit flirting with programs and dive in and commit. Eager to hopefully let this finish the final parts of this journey. 

So day # 1 staturday

Started in January 2015 at 210lbs and now August 8th 155lbs. 

-55 lbs and -41 inches 

Wish me luck!!!! 


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