Flying High

Man, I have officially been back to work two days and I am just feeling so stressed. I am struggling to find some peace. I am hoping and praying it is cause my family isn’t officially back yet. Hoping the normal routine helps things feel a bit calmer. 

My guy and I made a bunch of changes and now they are all getting ready to go into action and I need to take a deep breath and let love win. But it is so hard and there are so many variables. And oh the “what ifs”.

Then add in the random crap that life throws your way. Power outages and no wifi when you need it desperately to do a ton of things. Your guy working a dark intersection road block till all morning hours because of said power outage. Trying to figure out car situations and kids schedules. My brain is exhausted. 

I know one thing to be true and that is that I cannot start the school year feeling this way. So I have 72 hours to find my peace, let love win and go in there and rock this year!  


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