Get over yourself!

Ever need an ego boost in a weight loss journey become a teacher. The reactions from my students and their parents have been amazing and so very kind. My favorites were the ones who said I am inspired them. It just really reminded me that on a journey that feels so incredibly personal because much of it is dealing with the feelings on the inside that is really is outwardly. That is especially when it is so blatantly obvious as well. 

I still feel like the same Mrs. E, but I can tell and feel to some of them the change is too drastic and they see the outer change as a complete change. With time I am sure they will still see me as the same. But what I do love is they see the strength both mentally and physically that has been gained in the last 8 months. I am now the teacher that is known as a health nut. Thankfully, the support and love is amazing for the ego. So amazing I finally had to say stop. You aren’t done.

The thoughts and compliments started making me feel like I could give into the first week back tiredness and eat a little poorly or skip exercise. Both of which I did not do. The first week or two of back to school kills you. It is a special kind of tired. Which is exactly why I started Insanity Max 30. I don’t want to flake on my commitment to the program or Kpuff. Food has been good. I have had make sure my lunches were prepared the night before, but other than that my food has been on point. I did have a slice of pizza on back to school night. I haven’t had pizza for three months. It was one slice and it was good. But other than that I killed it with shakes, greens and used my containers. 

There hasn’t been huge significant losses this week but I kinda expected that. I have found when my routine drastically changes that my weight kinda stays. I am guessing in a week or two we will be back at it. My eating routine changed and my exercise times changed. I think my body freaks out when that happens and then it relaxes. Thankfully, I haven’t gained. But if I do it is okay. I know it will be fine. 

I ran three times this week which was my actual goal and each time my time was faster. As well, each day in my classroom I walked 7-10 miles added into my movement for the day. I am hoping staying this goal focused and oriented will help me while I settle into the new routine. I did mess with my caffeine a little. Either via a cup of coffee here and there or a advocate spark. But I am always extremely careful with it and keeping them spread out so they are solely used for energy and I do no create a dependency through the day. I found that mostly when I was really tired and ran down I just needed to eat again. 

Anyway…less of me is still alive and well and will continue to be. 


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