Oh yea I am still here…

And I am still losing it and no I am not talking about my mind. Although, that may be gone as well. But it is my body. Thankfully, I know enough about my body not to freak out because I am not losing mad pounds right now. Previously this threw me into a panic. Now I know when my routine, my sleep and my eating schedule changes my weight freezes. I continue to lose inches, but that darn scale doesn’t move.

And guess what it hasn’t. But the inches are. I lost 7 inches last week alone in my waist and hips alone. I am glad to because those two areas seemed to be the slowest to get with the program.

And if I were telling the complete truth I would have to admit I wish I had more energy to keep up the exercise routine. I still exercise every day. I just cannot run or walk every single day. My goal is still 3-4 times a week and as long as that happens this momma is happy. And I have done well.

Kpuff and I continue to dredge through Insanity Max 30 every single day. Some days are harder than others but I show up every single day. My eating has got to be absolutely reined in or I will be a mess and gain wait. I am doing my school usual so I am trying to remember to focus on that.

My school usual is not enough calories. I am averaging for the last two weeks between 900-1100 and I have really been trying to keep it toward 1300-1400. However, without the extra walk/run a day I am okay but I definitely need to be more toward the 1100-1200 mark.

So yea I am moving. I am digging deep and I remaining focused.




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