Heading into Month 9

Eventually I will have to stop counting months because I will not be going backwards anytime soon. This is my life and it is the way I eat. I don’t think about it anymore. I just eat and I know what I don’t eat. Sometimes I catch myself saying “I can’t” eat and it bugs me so I shout, “No, I choose not to eat…”

Of course per usual when I post that things will remain stagnant and I should expect it my body mocks me. I am grateful for the mock though. I lost two more pounds and about 2 inches for the week. That is a huge win. My BMI is now healthy. I am still chugging away at that body fat number and that is honestly the one I am focusing on now. I know what a healthy body fat percentage is and I am not there yet.

The biggest non-scale victory I have had to date happened immediately the day after I posted last. I ordered size smalls last week because when running my pants were dragging and I was spending my time pulling them back up so they were comfortable. Same for my workouts. If you are a runner you know that doesn’t work. Anyway, I ordered them and didn’t expect them to fit…BUT THEY DID! I cannot even describe that feeling. I have been wearing small in shirts for a while now but not in pants. Below is February (Right) to August (Left). It is also a lot of hard work and dedication.



I am getting to the point where I am a little ashamed how big the difference is each side by side. But I literally just told my class this week as we read through boring dry seminal documents that in order to understand where we are and where we are headed, WE MUST UNDERSTAND WHERE WE CAME FROM!

I know where my head was then and I know where it was now. I know I hid from the hard stuff with food and comforted myself with junk, sugar and things that clouded my brain. Now when tough stuff hits I face it. This week was a tough one at the E homestead. And I won’t lie and say I didn’t respond my usual way in seeking calories to comfort. But I didn’t go crazy and I chose talking first. Instead of hiding behind a pizza and pretending the problem didn’t exist I chose talking long and deep over a gigantic salad that was eaten before my tiny slice of pizza.

My favorite food this week was Italian style mix salad with homemade clean ranch dressing. I couldn’t get enough and literally gobbled it up as fast as I could in my very quick lunch period. I also kinda heart shrimp. I have always liked shrimp but a late in life allergy to seafood makes me hesitant. But I was wanting a different protein this week and noms!

Everyone wants my secret so here it is: Eating Clean and hard work. 😀

And to be completely off topic a little school catch up….I have about 85 juniors this year, 50 freshman, 35 mixed grades 10-12th. I love each and every single one of them already! The 11th graders up are all students who have done time in the E Gang. The 10th graders are new to me, not the school, but I love them and I am breaking in a new batch of freshman. If you remember last year I had juniors totally and four-five sophomores. So I welcome the change this year. I missed having freshman because they change so much that first year of high school and I like watching the change.

We have already started planning our second graduation. How is that even possible? And our first one is in the nitty gritty planning stages. I am so very blessed to have a job I love and passion for what I do.


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