I lost two pounds…so what?

I knew this would happen and it took less time than I imagined. I tried to combat it, but at some point I gave in. I gave more and more of my time and effort to others and less and less time to myself. That is why the Revolution started. It was and has been about making sure a part of my day was dedicated to being the best me mentally, emotionally and physically. I went from spending about 2-3 hours a day on me (combined) to struggling to even afford myself half an hour. 

This week school started and I am taking an Internet course which means a lot more self discipline. I have the convenience of not going to campus, but time is way more demanding. I can’t just sign onto blackboard once and be done. It is multiple times a day. I also have been bringing way too much work home. I got really good about not doing that much last year, but this year I feel absolutely swamped. I can’t figure out why and I am trying to eliminate what I can or I have flat out started saying no. But that always sounds better in writing than when it actually plays out. 

Thankfully my eating has been spot on because I know much of what happens in weight loss is done in the kitchen. I eat healthy and good and I think my students think I just sit and eat celery all day. I haven’t had celery once since I started this. But my mental and physical time has been more a struggle. It happens every single day without fail, but my heart and body are full of dread at the thought. The weekends I kill myself to make up for what I lack during the week. And truthfully the biggest thing I am missing is my sleep. 

This week I had the brilliant idea that getting up even earlier would help and I know it made it worse. But this has been a personally emotional start to a school year. My guy has a completely new schedule that we are all adjusting too. My girls are adjusting to all of this.  So yea I am another busy mom and teacher looking desparately looking for her mojo and some sleep. 

But I gotta be true to myself and I know how important working out is for me. Maybe if I squeezed my workout in the morning, so that I can relax in the evening. I don’t know. Everyone posts their ridiculously early Instagram sweaty photos and they talk about how good it makes them feel. I just wonder if I can get my get up and go to get up and go that early. 

And my guys TN has been back in action, not horrible but there which was a disappointment. 

Love will win. 💜


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