Is that the fog lifting?

Oh my goodness…almost a full quarter in and I think I can exist beyond surviving in school and my daily life. I am actually keeping up on my grad work instead of being three steps behind it which is amazing. Now if only I could manage to get my house in order. Our new schedule at home is wrecking havoc on my home. I am consistently behind on laundry. The cooking has been a shared task and I have been trying to have my girls do more of that with help from my guy. But the mess is real. We haven’t quite gotten a routine worked out for that. It doesn’t help that we are getting ready for the musical now. Which I love all the prep and what happens when the kids participate in it. But my family for sure is in suvival mode where a clean and organized home is concerned. 

I added a grade level this year which has thrown me off. I have about 40 freshman for English, all the 11th graders for dual credit English. In the 9th grade we are in the heat of reading Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak which I love teaching and the kids mostly love reading. In the 11th grade they are practicing writing a rhetorical analysis and we just finished reading The Crucible. I also half the 11th graders this semester for  dual credit speech and the other half next semester for speech. Right now they are working on advocacy speeches. Then my 10-12th grade elective,Mass Media, is working on making podcasts. We listened to Limetown as a primer. I am so excited by the things they are doing and cannot wait to hear what they created. 

And Kpuff and I are almost graduates of Insanity Max 30. We did miss a few, but we didn’t miss exercise. It just ended up we couldn’t workout together. I am not sure what is next. I like insanity max but it isn’t my favorite. I still like T25 the most and I really like when we switched it up. But doing anything that tough at the beginning of the school year was probably some of the issue. But it kept me focused. I have been waivering between gaining and losing 1 pound. I have been lifting weights and the part we are in in insanity focuses on body weight training. So I think it is normal. My eating is good. My inches are going down in right places and up in right places. 

I have 5-7 pounds till my first goal. I imagine when we switch things up a bit I will probably lose it. I am not worried about it honestly though. It will happen. I am very happy where I am. I am not necessarily happy with the extra skin though. Not sure what I am willing to do about it though. But I feel like it is ridiculous in my tummy area and then second my arms. I hear the surgery is extremely painful and I am not sure I am ready to do something that drastic. So I own it and claim it for myself. 

And by that the fog is lifting. Slowly…..


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