21 Day Update

Well my latest round of 21 Day Fix came and went and was super successful! Not necessarily like it has been previously, but cool things were happening. I lost 7lbs and about 6.5 inches. I leaned out. I can always tell when I do that. I am less bloated. I feel better. I feel good.

I am getting very nervous about losing too much more because my skin is sagging really bad. It is so loose in my face and chin area. Of course it is loose in my stomach and legs but those are harder to see. My arms and face I am way more conscious of.  I was having a convo with my oldest daughter about weight and when I realized that my new goal was her weight I kind of pumped the breaks so to speak.

I like the weight I am now. I would like to be more lean and I would be okay with 10ish or less pounds more, but if I don’t it is okay. My focus is a new one for me. It is about being healthy and making decisions based on being the healthiest me versus losing weight. That is a complete mind shift for me, but I am handling it better than I thought I would.

Anyway wanted to share some updated photos from January to November …JanuarytoNovember


We are in a round of T25 right now and I walk/run when I have the time to which is a bit harder because we have a musical coming up in two weeks.  I still walk at least 10 miles in my classroom a day. I eat 100% entirely clean with the occasional Quaker granola bar.

People ask me if I cheat. The answer is simple. I will never call it a cheat. If I want it, I eat it. If it is really bad for me I know I need to work a little harder. I will never get in the game of what is happening in the kitchen being worse than what happens in the gym. I won’t chase one to have the other.

More than anything I focus on not eating based on how I feel. I did that before and that was the problem. I don’t have that problem anymore. So yea….Mommy Rhetoric has figured out her formula. Eating is to live and exercise is free therapy. I love both!


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