Happens every once in awhile.

  I hit the ebbs and flows with my blog where I feel like all I do is repeat myself. The last year has centered around taking care of myself and getting healthier. There are only so many ways one can say the tricks of their trade. I eat good. I make healthy choices and I exercise like a mad woman. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Same story every day. Throw in three kiddos and husband and my job and my blogs are the same. I have been trying to vlog some over at Mommy Rhetoric on Facebook. That format has been appealing to me. I tried posting them here first but the upload time seemed more conducive to Facebook. Head over there to check it out if you want to see what I have been up to. 

I do get small cases of burnout from the exercise or times when my body silently tells me, “Take a break woman.” But thankfully they are short lived and my weight rarely suffers. The biggest reason is because I know how to eat or I should say how not eat. I just left a visit with my dad who is an amazing cook and I pushed all concerns for food aside and ate every carb laden food he prepared. It was amazing and short lived and I refuse to beat myself up for it. Food brings family and traditions together and creates memories. 

That just means when the time comes I am gonna have to work a little harder and I am okay with that. Hard work in fitness has never scared me. Well I should not say that….my goal has always been for it to scare me because it keeps me from getting bored. So it is a good kind of scared. I will admit though that between traveling, which causes me anxiety, and the high caloric foods yesterday I guilted myself into a workout on my rest day. My philosophy has always been even on rest days if you want to workout….do it. I just tried to not target my super sore muscles. 

  So I logged sometime in the Beachbody gym using Beachbody On Demand (think Netflix for fitness) and I decided to do a mixed martial arts P90x3 workout. Nothing makes me feel more badass than fighting. I feel so strong and empowered when doing any sort of fit routine. The routine served to remind me I will always be a cardio girl at heart. I know I need to venture out into strength and yoga so as to not get bored, but cardio will always have me. I love a good sweat session. 

In other news, I am flirting some with essential oils. Well I have been for two years, but wouldn’t commit. I finally did and purchased the big doozy of a kit. It was an expense, but I have been nothing but pleased. My order got messed up and my consultant and the company went out of their ways to get me my oils. Even with the holiday shipping issues they came through and without question took care of me. 

  I have tried them for a few things already and have been very pleased. The first and probably biggest reason I bought them was for my number one who has allergy induced asthma. Which means her asthma has no issues unless aggravated by her allergies which are numerous. On Christmas Day, she went for a run in our unseasonably warm weather and she was absolutely miserable for the whole day. We had all been fighting a cold and she had managed to have it miss her, thanks in part to thieves, which my consultant sent me a sample of.

But on Christmas Day she grew more and more miserable, so I created a roller ball of what they call an allergy bomb. Which was safflower oil, 10 drops of peppermint, 10 drops of lemon, 10 drops of lavender and 10 drops of copaiba and had her rub on her sinuses. I also diffused for an hour the first three. The next morning she was good to go. Considering the night before she was a snotty, running eyed mess I was impressed. 

The second thing we tried was we fried a turkey for the holiday. We have an indoor fryer which is amazing but the smell that is created lingers for a few days. We kept remarking on how bad our house smelled and I thought, “Hey, I bet there is an oil for that!” And sure enough, there was. I diffused purification (an oil blend) and lemon and the smell was gone in an hour. The third thing I tried w both my #2 and I suffer from digestive issues. Mine is very diet corrected unless I splurge, well I splurged. As did my #2. We both rubbed a little peppermint on our tummies and smelled it and within a half an hour our tummies were settled. There is supposed to be an even better oil for this but I don’t have it yet. It is sold out always, but luckily I managed to snag some but it is in the mail as we speak. So we will give that one a try as well. 

I will keep you informed….as I dive into the oily life. 


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