It is here. My Fitaversary.


I went to go look and see if I commemorated it any special way here on my blog a year ago and nothing. I remember the trepidation with which I faced this day a year ago. I wasn’t doing anything than I had ever done. I wanted a change. I wanted to try to change. But secretly I doubted my ability to do it.

I started off simple with T25. I didn’t change my diet. I didn’t change the way I looked at food or how I let it rule me and my emotions. But I did show up. I found my accountability partner who had been flirting with working out. I joined her process.

If I am honest I didn’t think I would stick to it….or if I did I planned to eat the way I was and just work out. Eventually, I realized you CANNOT work away a bad diet. It is impossible. I also learned more than anything, I need to love myself more than that.


In my year in review I covered how I had been committed to daily workouts and I was feeling so strong and so good and convinced I had lost some weight and I felt great. I had my daughters snap a picture of me with my guy and when I saw it, I was devastated. That was the beginning of my end. I ordered 21 Day Fix that day or soon after and by the following week I was finally doing it.

I started here….


IMG_1074 (1)

Both pictures I hoped would never see the light of day. But now I wear them proudly like a badge of honor. This was me this weekend to commemorate what I knew what was coming.


IMG_4850 (1)

I tried to recreate the whole picture for others to see the drastic changes that can happen in a year. I am living proof of love and consistency pays off. Are there things I would still like to look better? Yes. I have so much skin. In fact, so much skin I get really worried about losing much more because it gets saggier by the day. Under my chin, my thighs, my stomach and my arms. I am hoping lifting weights will help me grow into my skin.

But alas that too uncovers my insecurities because my inches are going up. And I know they should. But I have short legs and meaty calves and thighs. I always have. Even when I was at my prime of health playing softball my thighs and calves were so muscular. I am insecure about it.

I am happy with the arms. It is helping tighten up the skin. So I guess those inches are okay. My waist and hips continue to decrease in inches. I just hate the way any movement out or in and the way it plays with your head. Proof that I am in this battle for the long haul. I have no intention to change my ways. I need this now.

And more than anything I like what I see in the mirror more and more. I just gotta keep working for it and to keep it. That is love winning. ❤




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