Since TN works extra hard to let me know who is in charge….THIS IS A REBLOG and a RINSE and REPEAT!

Mommy Rhetoric

I want normal.

I don’t want a new normal. I want normal.

Sometimes I just need to admit this isn’t easy.







I will hashtag whatever I have to to fight this stupid freaking disease. I will use my mouth, my writing, my love and will forever and always support this cause. I am feeling that incessant hibernating need I had last year in order to protect my family and my guy. If you love someone with a chronic illness and you start to ever think to yourself they are making it up stop yourself right there and thank God that you don’t deal with it. If you are tired of hearing about it stop yourself there and thank God you don’t have watch someone you love suffer. I am so grateful for this life, but I miss normal. I will take this new normal over the…

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