My heart explodes. 

It needs to be said, but per my usual the most significant and meaningful moments I have no words. You would think a person who has made her life about words and writing would not not have them, but should at least be able to write them. I can tell you a few things about this moment. 

It is a huge one. My excitement and sense of pride is probably no different than most teachers on graduation day. But it feels different. It feels….It feels as if my heart is exploding. It is sad because I know after today I will never see some of these faces again. It is hard saying goodbye to these once 14-15 year olds that sat in my classroom trying to figure the world out. It is joyful because today is a culmination of a lot of hardwork and manifestations of dreams for families. It is the edge of something spiritual and great. And can I tell you how many times I heard the word, “I can’t…”. But they did. 

So this is the tip of a tongue moment where time stands and you look around and want it to last forever and are scared to say a word because when you do you acknowledge it is over. But it is…their world awaits. 


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