I am on hiatus??!? What?!

Well summer has “officially” started for me. Graduation happened. Hence the not hearing from me much. I still have yearbook, but it moves at a much slower pace.

{Summer Hiatus # 6}


Big day here…10.01 pace. 4 miles. And it was global running day. *BONUS*

{Summer Hiatus # 7}


Spent mostly in my car running errands. Graduation prep was rigorous.

{Summer Hiatus # 8}


I am a strange bird. I know it. These big moments are when I know I am an empath. Because I float and fly on adrenaline in the moment. Then when I am home in the quiet of my bed or my guy’s arms the weight of it all hits. I take a while to recover. Carrying around the emotions of others is taxing. But it also means that my face is sore from smiling and my stomach is sore from giggles. The kind of moments that propel us forward. I call them emotional hangovers and they need coffee upon rising.


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