I eat food. Shocker. A year long perspective.

IMG_0587I had the funniest experience the other day. Someone in passing conversation said to me, “Well, I am not sure what you eat anymore.” I chuckled to myself. I don’t think they meant it as an insult. In fact, I think they were probably trying to be respectful of me and my food choices.

But I did laugh inside because what would I eat? I am not lugging around protein shakes and baked chicken everywhere. That is the cool part of eating clean is that I know what I can and won’t eat. I can accommodate my eating to almost any place.

I don’t eat a lot of chemicals, but for me somethings are just worth it to me. I know I will pay for them when I eat them but they are worth it. My number 1 is doughnuts. Since this whole journey began I appreciate things that I had on the regular. Doughnuts is by far the top of the list.

So let’s talk about some things. Kpuff and I have literally been on opposite schedules for months at this point. Our kiddos are all over the place and never the same place. I have IMG_0616had to rely on myself to get moving and it is sometimes difficult. Thankfully, I am married to someone who cares about his fitness. When he moves it usually will get me moving. Also exercising every day at home helps because when my kiddos don’t see me move they remind me.

I have been bringing it hard every single day. I created my own Hammer routine that includes running. I lift weights every day with Hammer and then I run almost every day. I usually will give myself one running rest day (2 if I am especially sore). My eating has been on point and I am aiming for 1200 – 1400 calories a day. It is very high protein with added carbs because of the lifting.

I have lost a few pounds but I am still up. I am glad though. I have been working on toning since January. I can finally get to where I can tell a difference. I am trying to focus less on a scale and more on inches and how I fit into my clothes. I was uber happy last night to see a comparison photo from early this year to yesterday. I look thinner in my most recent, but I am actually heavier.


Anyway…this whole process remains to be about me. I try and not compare myself with anyone else. I try and beat my own times, I try and beat my own heaviest lift. When I focus on others is when I lose my momentum. It may be the most selfish thing I have ever done or continue to do, but it matters because it keeps me moving for everyone else that I need and want to take care of.

It has been over a year and I still get up and have that date with myself where I burn calories. It as much a part of me as brushing my teeth and putting on deodorant. It is just me at this point.



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