I am pissed.

I am so mad that this keeps happening. I am so pissed that it brings out the ugly in people. The fear and ignorance makes people utter words that should never be said. Then we find ourselves saying and thinking things that we shouldn’t have to. 

  • Mass deaths….are NOT and issue to be dealt with (A congressman stated he must come home to deal with this issue). Lost lives are not an issue you have to come home for. It is the lives that are senselessly lost that you come home for.)
  • A spelling of a name doesn’t make it a race. Stop saying it. Stop implying it. 
  • A warning or two of a gun toting extremist should probably not have special access to carry no matter the laws. These are the issues to be dealt with by the public. By us. Why and how does this person have access to this type of gun?
  • This is not a representative of a religion. I am a Christian, but religious Christian zealots don’t represent the essence of my religion. 
  • Worst mass murder in history. *no words*
  • They aren’t bodies. They are humans with people who love them. Stop calling them that. 
  • Assault rifles can make it into any public place. How?? 
  • Our president has stood in front of us 15 times to console our nation and to try and make sense and help our grief. 15 times. None of them are a declared war. Yes maybe an unnamed and debated war. 

Oh my gosh these are things that shouldn’t have to be said or even thought. Politicians and journalists…check yourself the issues aren’t your issues. They are our issues. I don’t know where I fall on any of this stuff. The politics of mass shootings aren’t something I choose to think about every day and I truthfully don’t want to live in a world where I do. That isn’t my fear or ignorance speaking. This is my empathic heart that instead wants to teach leading with love and kindness first. That is just my empathic hopeful heart. 

The same heart that was plagued with a heavy sick feeling the last few days. The one I wish I would learn to be more attentive to when I am plagued by those sick and heavy feelings. But alas I don’t. I turn it inward and believe that the ripple I feel is my own. Instead of a ripple of hundreds of lives forever changed. Over 1000 plus lives forever changed in unimaginable ways. 

And I feel a public grief like most. My empathic heart breaks again and again.


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