I really did hiatus.

My mood was super funky last week at the end of the week. I kinda forgot across the board to do my hiatus blog post and note it in my instagram. I am all caught up. Thankfully, I captured the moment just was too lazy to hashtag it. 🙂


# 9 – My Birthday Girl #3 and I


# 10 – All the paper products. All the time. Mom life is real.


# 11 – Found this lucky, shiny penny on my run. I took it as a sign of good luck.


# 12 – This is where my mood started getting sad. I was intrigued by the sun through the leaves. It just caught my eye.


# 13 – Woke up early to start some road therapy and determined to prove my strength and ability to myself. I killed it. This was my first five mile run!


# 14 – I had an onslaught of followers on social media that wanted to “fix” me or get me to “better results”. I was seriously over it.


# 15 – I wanted to prove to the world I am not perfect. I may exercise a lot right now. I have time. I love it. But I also have to eat to make up for it. And sometimes it isn’t perfect. But this recipe from my mother in law is perfect. It is our favorite. I shared it earlier here.


#16 – Mood still struggling, so I pulled out the “warrior” shirt. I had confirmation of my mood. More on that soon. I have a post coming that I have been working on.


# 17 – Tennessee gets it. I teach him for just this reason. He was talking about things we need to talk about long before we were talking about it. He also figured out early on. Love wins.


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