The hiatus took a hiatus

I went to the beach. We saved for a few years and took the kiddos on a beach vacation. We took a little extra time to explore areas as we traveled south. 

We booked a townhome with wifi but guess what. It didn’t work that well. In fact, it was one of those situations where it only worked if stood on one leg in a certain spot and flapped your arms. 

I could have been upset about the boasted wifi and made a stink. Or I could have used my phone constantly. Notice I said could have. Well I used my phone as a camera. I didn’t go to bed with it and my iPad stayed 100% charged all week long cause I never got it out of the bag. 

And you know what…it was nice. Weird but nice. It made me realize that we as a family probably need to work a little more diligently for our time together. For it to be our time and not time spent looking at screens. 

Now we aren’t talking going off the grid and throwing away all the phones and iPads. I believe in technology and its purpose so that won’t be happening. But more concentrated effort to put the electronics down. 

I realized four years from now my life is going to look completely different and I don’t want to regret the time we have spent together. 

So here’s to a less digital driven life on the important moments. The ones that social media and a camera can’t capture because it can’t capture feelings despite its best efforts to do so with cute emojis and fad phrases (think yolo). 


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