E Party of 5 took a trip

This one was long planned and we were excited. It was also the first trip like this since MVD. That did make me nervous cause you never know when and how it will strike. The addition of the new med in May and increased dosage in the other has made it more manageable. Thank goodness!



We were still in our neighborhood at this point. Which is funny given the girls look like they have been in car for hours.


Everywhere my guy drives is a race, so imagine how fun that is in the mountains and there isn’t a darn thing I can do about it because I don’t want to drive in the mountains. So I hold on and grit my teeth.


After two days in the car (basically 14 hours) we made it the beach. Ahh!



# 3 knows how to cheese about like her Daddy. Keeping # 1 and # 2 out of the ocean the first few days was a trick. I liked it though. I am a beacher more than a pooler.



We went on lots of shell hunts and family walks.


And here it looks like # 2 inherited my guy’s “grin”.


Woah? Is he smiling?


Hmm, not sure where # 2 is. But cute pic! There she is.


It was good family fun. We cooked, played games and drove each other crazy. So I think it went perfectly.

That my dear readers is….Love winning again.


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