Some days it feels like too much. 

Actually lately most days seem like too much. Every attack…every news blurb…it is all too much. So many children, so many mothers and fathers…so much not just destroyed but forever changed. But for what? 

One day in the car with my kids the radio broke in and told of another attack. At this point who knows which one. Tears started streaming down my face and in the silence that followed because I didn’t know what to say or how to console I said,  “It feels like we are going into world war 3, but who are we at war with? There are no borders to fight over. Just ideas and love.” 

I could have turned the channel and maybe I should have. This is a parenting question I ask myself daily. What is too much and how honest should I be? The world feels scary. It feels unpredictable and chaotic. That is the world they are coming up in.

Last night at the game about every 30 minutes I checked my Facebook. Not because I gave up already on my digital “diet”, but because I had a friend in Instanbul. She checked in all smiles earlier in the day in Turkey. 

This girl is a world changer. She is doing things that need done. Spreading love and saying no to hate. I could tell you her story, but truthfully that isn’t the take away here. 

The takeaway for me is that I am raising three young ladies to hopefully be world changers. To not just seek out love, but share it. I have raised them to see beyond their own backyards and see the world is so much more than their zip code the flatlands they see here in Indiana. 

At times I felt like those lessons were too much because it set them apart in different ways. But when I see another notification of another act of hate I feel grateful that I have taught them that you can’t change the things people with hate do, but you can change your reaction to it. 

I just pray and hope that they always choose to respond with love and kindness in the face of hate and fear. The world is scary, but it is a little less scary when it is filled with hope and love. 


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