I was one of those survivor reality people. 

My guy and I have watched survivor since the beginning. Well he has more than me, but one of the parts we bond over are the food rewards because we just know that all that glorious food and is going to come back and kill them. 

If you follow me on my social media stuff you know I have been down and out. Not an illness. Not an ailment. A punishment. I drastically changed my diet so much apparently while on vacation my body rebelled against me. 

On our way home I started feeling off. I couldn’t really say what was wrong. I just knew it wasn’t right. I exercised every other day and I still ate pretty good. But I definitely upped my carbs and likely lowered my greens. I opted for fries instead of broccoli. 

One night my stomach started hurting to the point I was doubled over in pain and couldn’t walk or move. Went to ER for two crappy visits where I was treated horribly. Tried seeing my OB/GYN who ran a bunch of tests and seemed pretty perplexed at where it was coming from. Recommended bland diet and rest but wanted me to seek further attention if pain worsened. Two hours later it reached a peak worse than it had. 

Attempted to go a third time but due to the previous ER treatment and super busy waiting rooms I opted to struggle through at home with lots of sleep and no food.  Finally, I made it into see a doctor in Fort Wayne on Saturday and had an X-ray. 

Found out due to the stupid surgery I had 6 years ago that has done nothing but cause me trouble has caused scar tissue adhesions all over my digestive tract. Therefore, my changing my eating habits has kept this potential problem at bay. Until vacation when things started getting infected and ulcerated and lodged because I drastically changed the way I ate again.

Thankfully, the doctor was extremely nice and didn’t push me away since I had “just” stomach pain and could not bear children. If you can’t have kids and have stomach pain you basically have to be bleeding out to get someone to listen. 

Basically, my digestive tract needs to heal now. I have been on a liquid and fruit diet. I am now on a fairly bland diet and I honestly will struggle to eat any sort of ridiculous not essential carb (think white potatoes, chips or limited grain breads). I never want to feel like that again. 

I would place the pain with child labor. I basically hulled up in my room and used Vicodin from my March surgery when I didn’t need it. I am just grateful for an amazing doctor that finally listened to me and didn’t think I needed to just suffer through. 

It will likely take me a while to recover and I am thinking about trying Whole 30 or the Ultimate Reset to give my body time to heal. I hate meds and now I am on three to heal and recover. I strongly believe food, rest and taking care of yourself spiritually, physically and mentally means more than any med you could take. Hoping between diet and oils I can turn this around. 

So even though I knew better I still struggled be caused fries. Fries will always be the bane of my existence. 


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